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Our Services

Carol Crocker 12.10.22

 Free Zoom Music Jam


From 2 to 4PM EST

You must register every week.

See "Saturday Jam"

for details.

  Video Library 

Recordings of many of

our jams are available for

free viewing.


We have lost a number of special people from our dulcimer community. We celebrate them here.

Send in the Music Blog

Insight and inspiration for our fellow musicians.


Did you know our Laurie Alsobrook now has a YouTube channel where you can watch her No Frills videos?  The blue link below will take you right to it. Don't forget to subscribe to be notified when a new video is added.

All our services are free.

Everyone working on this project is a volunteer.

Our costs are considerable. High speed internet insures quality sound. The website with extended video space allows you to view jams that you may have missed. Our extended ZOOM contract allows entrance to anyone who wants to come to the jam.

We have no revenue source other than donations. 

Please consider donating now to help us cover the costs of operation.

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