About Us

Our Goal: At Send in the Music, our goal is to help interested musicians develop and use their musical talents to spread comfort and cheer to others.

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, many of our Musicians, as well as musician volunteers across the country, have lost access to the facilities where they ministered to others. Being in vulnerable age groups, many of our musicians are no longer meeting or socializing with each other. 

As a result, our own goals have shifted to include 

alleviating the social isolation of our fellow musicians as they shelter in place to stay safe.

Our main activity at this time is sponsoring a free weekly Digital Jam on the Zoom platform to help our musicians continue to feel connected on a consistent basis. 

Also, we are working on developing a library of jam videos that can be shared with anyone needing their spirits lifted during these hard times. And, we are beginning to develop our ability to offer live Zoom concerts.

Pat Clark, PsyD


Lowell Moore, MA

Assistant Director

Phone: (407) 986-4636


114 Shirley Ave.

Sanford, FL 32771

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