Go Fund Me Campaign

You Can Help Send in the Music

All of the services we are currently providing, are being provided on a strictly volunteer basis.

We function on a shoe string. But, we still have bills to pay.  


We are paying our bills

out of our own pockets,

which are not deep, and through the generosity of others.

It is our intention to apply for

Non-profit status.

You can help us now by contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign.

It goes without saying that we  deeply appreciate all the moral and emotional support that we receive from all of our family, friends, and fellow musicians.

No sound? Click on the music notes,

on the bottom right of the picture above.

Once you are at the Go Fund Me site, search for: You Can Help Send in the Music

Phone: (407) 986-4636


Sanford, FL 32771

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