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Send in the Music proudly hosted

Maddie MacNeil's Friends 


Maddie's Birthday on

May 7, 2021

Birthday Presents

Chat Excerpts

Ron Goad - Maddie was my teacher 60 years ago. . . in Front Royal 1961-1968. I most recently put her onstage in Reston in December 2019. I am distributing many of her CDs to her former students, friends, and fans. Contact me at or on Facebook. Let me know what CDs, if any, that you already have. I will gladly give you copies of her wonderful recordings. I am in Centreville, VA.


Jan Potts (Lexington, KY)  - First memory of Maddie was her wonderful rendition of Summertime at Dulcimer U in Cullowhee, NC, 2014, I think. Amazing!


Bill Ritz - I’ve never heard Maddie live (being here in St. Louis/Central Illinois), but I used to play her on my show in Springfield, IL.


Danna Doyle ( Winc, VA) - Maddie had our Shenandoah Strummers group join her at her Christmas Concerts at the Handley Library in Winchester VA, and play a carol with her. We so appreciated her including us. And it was great practice in front of an audience. We had a lot of fun with Maddie, whether at her home in Clarke County jamming and having lunch, or joining us at our practice. I miss her so much.


Barb & Tom Hendricks - I met Maddie in 2019 at the Evart Fun Fest. I happened upon her sitting in a lawn chair between workshops. This kind, gracious lady pursued a short conversation with me on the spot. She also autographed a copy of her handwritten song that a friend gave  me in suburban Chicago in 1980. Maddie was so humble and sweet. 


Tull Glazener  - Whenever Maddie and I were at the same festival, I’d always ask her to sing something with me on my concert set, or sometimes she’d invite me to play something on those sets. Usually, I would need to remember to tune my instrument UP one-half step, from the normal key of D, to the key of Eb. Maddie used to say that the higher key just seemed to suit her voice better. Years later, I happened to be reading a journal article that explained how scientists had determined that the pitch/frequency that the earth is making as it spins on its axis in the vacuum of space is, in fact, Eb. Which means that Maddie was “in tune” with the world. . .which makes perfect sense!  Miss you Maddie. 


Nancy Galambush - My friend, Ron Cyr, insisted the I have Maddie as my first instructor at Appalachian State. I had to work myself up to Advanced Beginner so the I could have her as my instructor. Ron and I used to play Maddie’s arrangement of Fanny Power. . . When Ron passed, Maddie sent a copy of a CD with a tune she wanted played at his service. She was such a compassionate person and so supportive of all of us, her students.


Lois Hornbostle - I remember how fond Maddie was of Ron. We know so many angels in heaven!


Danna Doyle - Thank you everyone who planned and presented this tribute to Maddie. She is listening in, and singing and playing along, with the angels. . . Happy Birthday dear Maddie, we miss you. 


Ken Kolodner - I know she loved Fanny Power. She always asked me to jam that with her. At festivals, we would sometimes sneak off and play together for a short jam of beautiful tunes. She always flashed that GIANT smile when she played. 


Anna Selfridge  - Happy Birthday, lovely lady!


Sue Hengelsberg, Perry, NY. - I didn’t know Maddie personally, but I have been reading DPN since the early ’70’s. 


Kristin Hopper - . . . My dad, Rick Hopper. . . took the pictures that Maddie used in her Mel Bay publications. . . My dad has many videos of Maddie as he took it upon himself to remember Maddie


Shana Aisenberg (she/her) NH - So wonderful to see old and new friends, and to hear everyone sing and play!


Jan Potts - What a treat to get to jam with Maddie one more time.


Danna Doyle - . . . I felt Maddie was with us.


Sue Ford - . . .Happy Birthday, Maddie!

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