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Some Days are Diamonds for Visiting Musicians

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

As a Visiting Musician volunteer at a Hospice Center,

there are special days when you have an experience that touches your soul. A Diamond Day is one where you have a number of special experiences. I had a Diamond Day a while back.

First, I visited a family of at least 8 people gathered at the bedside of the family patriarch. The son requested a song that I had not played in a couple of years. But I had the music, and fortunately I am a good enough sight reader so I was able to play the requested song. In a gentle voice, the son sang "Precious Memories" to his father as they held hands and gazed into each other's eyes. It was a precious moment indeed.

Next, I visited a man who had minimal hearing. His sister, and a friend were with him. The friend was communicating with the patient in American Sign Language. When I asked if they wanted music, the friend said "no" because the patient couldn't hear. The friend asked the patient anyway. The patient signed, "yes." We tried to figure out a way for me to play so the patient could hear. In the end, I played the requested song, "Amazing Grace." The patient's sister sang, and the friend signed the song. It was truly an amazing and lovely moment.

Finally, my last patient of the day declined when I ask if I could play music for her. Then she asked what instrument I played. When I told her I played the mountain dulcimer, the patient said she had never heard of that instrument, so now I had to play for her. I have thousands of songs in my iPad, and I decided to play, "What a Wonderful World." When finished, the patient explained that she had been praying for a sign that everything would be alright. The patient's mother had passed away recently, and this was her mother's favorite song. The patient felt it was the sign for which she had been waiting and she was comforted. I was humbled to participate in this extraordinary moment.

It was a Diamond Day indeed!!!!!

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