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Visiting Musicians Blog: Introductions

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This blog was created for the many visiting musicians who share their musical talents in a variety of locations, including some atypical settings. The settings may vary widely from hospitals, to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Hospices, treatment settings, schools, homeless and emergency shelters, and jails. Visiting musicians also play at community and family events, churches, funeral parlors, office parties, backyards, and front porches.

Send in the Music was created to develop a thriving community of Visiting Musicians who can share their talents with others, while meeting their own needs for learning and connection. It is the goal of The Visiting Musicians Blog to provide a space where we and fellow visiting musicians can share inspiration, research on the value of music in many different settings, information about other organizations sharing music, suggestions for repertoire, and anything else we think might be of interest to musicians who care about music’s affect on people.

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These individuals are representative of visiting musicians throughout the country.
Some are Visiting Musicians from Sanford, FL

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