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Visiting Musicians Fill a Need

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This morning, March 4, 2019, STAT Morning Rounds - Reporting from the Fontiers of Health and Medicine by Shraddha Chakradhar described the results of a new national poll from the University of Michigan. A staggering one in 4 older adults between the ages of 50 and 80 years feel isolated from others. One in three older adults from this same study reported a lack of companionship.

Ms. Chakradhar went on to explain that previous research showed social isolation can negatively impact health, increase stess, and elevate the risk of dementia. She suggested encouraging and supporting meaningful social connections and more frequent interactions is one way to combat isolation and the negative effects on health.

Send in the Music sends Visiting Musicians to provide Comfort and Cheer visits to those who can benefit. Services can be provided without cost by volunteer musicians who play on their own schedule. We also offer contracted services. Some of our musicians have agreed to be "on call" and will respond when you need them.

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