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SITM Digital Jam
Mystery Guests

When we started our free SaturdayJam, we began inviting a dulcimer celebrity to join our jam each week as a "Mystery Guest." The Saturday "reveal" is always a very pleasant surprise.


We appreciate the generosity of our "Mystery Guests" and in return we urge you to support them while we endure this COVID-19 Crisis together.

To date our Mystery Guests have included these very wonderful, generous, and talented people:

Elaine & Larry Conger (;

Stephen Seifert (

Aubrey Atwater & Elwood Donnelly (

Sarah Kate Morgan (

Jeff and Janet Furman (

Lorinda Jones  (

Rob Brereton (

Susan Trump (

Thomasina Levy (

Sally Rogers (


Katie and Joe Waller (

Tull Glazener (

Heidi Muller & Bob Webb (

Carol Walker (

Linda Weber Collins (

Anne Lough (

Pam Weeks (

Steve Eulberg (

Don Pedi (

Seat Of Our Pants Band (


Judy & Kirk House (

Nina Zanetti (

Joe Collins (

Melanie and Mack Johnston

Mary Z. Cox (

Cristian Huet - our first international guest

Deborah Hamouris and John "Buffalo" Brownson (

Neal Hellman (

Dave Haas (

Mike Anderson (


Linda Sigismondi (

Erin Mae Lewis (Stand-in for Wendy Songe)

Erin Mae Lewis - our treat to have Erin two weeks in a row!

Elaine and Larry Conger - our very first guests, came again!

( (      

Robert Force   (

Jerry Rockwell (

Joe Collins (

Irma and Scott Reeder (

Karen Mueller (

Marsha Harris (

Rick Thum. (

Butch Ross (

Jessica Comeau (

Geoff Reeves-Black (

Ken Kolodner (

William Duddy

Deborah Hamouris and John "Buffalo" Brownson

Paul Andry (

Bing Futch (

Steve & Ruth Smith (

Sarah Kate Morgan (

Bonnie Carol and Max Krimmel (

Dusty Thorburn (

Stephen Seifert (

Tull Glazener (

Lorinda Jones (

Thomasina Levy (

Rob Brereton (

Jeff Furman (

Peggy Carter (

Carol Walker (

Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts (

Wendy Songe (

Mark Alan Wade (

Carolyn Brodginski (

Paul Andry, Shawn McCurdy and John Adams

Butch Ross (

Linda Webber Collins (

We would like to thank the non-profit,

Performing Arts Educators,

for making it possible for us

to expand the number of people

who can attend our Digital Jams. 

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