Digital Jam
Mystery Guests

The dulcimer community is close knit and very giving.  When we started this Jam, we started inviting a celebrity guest to join our jam each week. Participants don't know who it will be until the guest shows up. It is always a very pleasant surprise. We appreciate the generosity of our guests and in return we urge you to support them while they endure this COVID-19 Crisis along with us.

To date our wonderful mystery guests have included:

Elaine and Larry Conger

Stephen Seifert

Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly

Sarah Rose Morgan

Jeff and Janet Furman

Lorinda Jones

Rob Brereton

Susan Trump

Thomasina Levy

Sally Rogers

Katie and Joe Waller

Tull Glazener

Heidi Muller and Bob Webb

Carol Walker

Linda Collins

Anne Lough

Pam Weeks

Steve Eulberg

Don Pedi

Seat Of Our Pants Band

Judy and Kirk House

Nina Zanetti

Joe Collins

Melanie and Mack Johnson

We would like to thank the non-profit,

Performing Arts Educators,

for making it possible for us

to expand the number of people

who can attend our Digital Jams. 

Phone: (407) 986-4636

Sanford, FL 32771

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